The 4 Greatest Innovations of the Past 10 Years

The tools of innovation are available to everyone who have access to the internet. More people are connecting like no other time in the history of humankind. The result is a crazy expansion of new inventions and products every single day.

Emerging technologies create infinite opportunities for us to be creative. Giving us the ability to adapt and create new better technologies. The 21st century sees a great potential of achieving many wonders that belong to the realm of sci-fi. Teleportation, human-like robots, space travel, and more fantastic ideas are developing and implemented daily.

We are living in an exciting time with limitless capabilities to make a difference. In the last decade alone, thousands of new technologies took huge leaps. With the invention of the Cloud, we are all connected. We could teleport to another side of the world in light speed.

To examine how the process of creation has changed so much. Let’s review three of the most influential innovations in the last decade.

1. iPhone and iPad:

The iPhone made its debut in 2007. The iPhone is not just a phone; it is a computer that you can hold in your hand and keep in your pocket. Smartphones revolutionized how we communicate and share content. It caused a riot on how we perceive communication and how we even communicate. Fast forward to 2016. Apple sold 1 billion iPhone. You can order pizza, hire a maid, or even buy stocks from the touch of your finger. Amazing!

Three years after the debut of iPhone, enter the first iPad. The iPad created another wave of frenzy tech as an amplified iPhone. A supercomputer that made another abruption in how we live our lives.

2. Google Self-Driving Car and Tesla Electric Cars:

The car that drives itself sounds like something from the future. Google is making it real. Google released the first prototype of the smart car 2014 but has been working on it for years. The car is now driving itself in four states. The concept raised legal and moral questions. This is the nature of all innovations; they change how we view reality itself.

Tesla is joining the race in transforming the transport industry with electric cars. Self-driving electric cars are safe. They made “driving” easier for aging and disabled loved ones. It is still early to say that A.I. Cars are the future of driving, but it is a genius innovation nonetheless.

3. Kindle:

Kindles is an e-reader that changed the way we read. It opens the gateway to millions of books and other digital media. All within the grasp of our fingertips. The idea of having the sum of all human knowledge in your pocket is not new in itself. Kindle is a fantastic tool that made reading much more enjoyable and easier. These devices are a real innovation and nothing short of fantastic.

With the technological revolution going on right now, many of us have access to the tools of creation. The line between what is possible and what is impossible is blurring. Innovation is in high demand, and the tools are there for us, so all we need to do is innovate.

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